A long time has passed away since our last journey report and there are many story's that want to be told.

But unfortunatly the internet connection here is very slow,  even in the internet cafe: to load up some pictures it takes more time then a slow turtle needs to cross a little path in the desert. Aswell the Wi-Fi spots here are very rarely and often they don't work properly. Many homepages are blocked.

So this time our report won't be very detailed and we will show you the pictures later, when we have good connections.


Tomorrow will be the day which will decide about our further travel route: If we receive the permition to transit Turkmenistan, we can follow the silkroad up to the Pamir Highway.
Otherwise we will have to find new ideas where we will cycle next. So at the time we are quite nervous.

But finally I have some time to tell our short little Iranian stories:

As we were cycling through Iran we enjoyed the nature and specially the open hearted and generous hospitality of the friendly people.

Manjil and our first Motorcycle ride

After Rasht we cycled to Teheran and made a longer stop in Manjil, a very windy city laying next to a lake.
As we were camping for one night at the lake,  we met Mikaeil and his friend Said.
They wanted to show us a wonderful place up in the mountains.
We were very curious so we had the chance that Mikaeil and his friend Mehti (a kajak champion by the way) drove us up to the mountains with der motorcycles. They kooked a delicious egg omlet with "fire potatoes" for us. Again we were so spoiled but really happy!
For the night they brought us to a lovely river were we slept under our tarp.
The next morning Mikaeil picked us up again with his Motorcycle and brought us home, where his mum already cooked a yummy breakfast.
We stayed with Mikaeils charming family an other night. The next day we left to reach Qaswin. The rain hit us in the road and the street was slightly climbing up, but in the first case we didn't realise. We thaught we were just lazy and tierd, but in the end of the day we knew it was a little pass and we climbed up 800 meters.
Well anyway... there were only 40 km left to Qaswin, but we were completely wet, coughing and tierd. Suddenly a little truck stopped beside us and after a short talk our bikes were stored and we were sitting in the small cockpit. After an hour we found our self happy in a little apartment in Quaswin.


We found travelcompany

We left Quaswin and took a little break beside the road. Suddenly a guy on a travelbike passed us, without saying hello. We were so surprised!
We shouted a excited and happy "hello", but no reaction and response, we thaught he might didn't want to have a chat.
Some time later we saw him again, that time he was taking a break and he looked happily to us. Charles-Henry was cycling from Paris over the cold and snowy mountains and was only travelling since 3 month. Chapeau!
We were his first travelcyclist he met on the way.
We decided to ride a short way together, but in the end we spent the night at the same host -Charles-Henry has organised it- in Nasarabad. It took us one hour to find Majid's home, but Charles-Henry made a real good job leading us through the city. Thanks a bundle!

In the next day our ways were splitted, but a fiew days later we met him again in Teheran.  Because we were waiting for our Usbekistanvisa we took the bus to Kashan for city sightseeing. Then Charles-Henry went down south and we went back to Teheran to pick up the Visa.


Arriving Teheran

As we arrived the street were our host Sara was living, we took a rest close to a park, that we thaught it was a public park, but actually it wasn't a park. It was the reservoir of Teherans wathercompany.

So tierd as we were, we just sat down on the wall beside the fence and waited until Sara has finished her work.

Surprisingly 2 guys came out of a door: Reza and his son Arian -they live there with their family in a little house- they invited us for chaj. We were very glad to meet them and became very good friends.

Lost in paradise, in the middle of Teheran

So every free minute in Teheran we spent our time with Rezas family. Soumy always cooked very delicious food and we played games with the kids. Percy-John teached Arian some drippling tricks, we were picking "tuts" from the treas and they showed us nice Parks in Teheran. Reza once brought us to a huge cave and we hiked up a mountain, but incase of strong rainfall we didn't teach the peak.
We had such a good time.

Thank you so much for your huge hearts!

While waiting for the Turkmenistan Visa we hopped on a luxury bus to visit some historical and cultural places in the south. So we have been in Shiraz, Persepolis, Kerman and the close Kaluth desert and in Yazd. Were we visited the crying mountain Chak chak, a famous Zoroastrian pilgrim place and were up in the beautiful mountains close to the Shir Kuh, the Lion mountain.

Then we came back to Sara's home, we were so thankful for her generosity and uncomplicated manner.

Thanks for hosting us for such a long time!